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Housing Loan Related


Whether AMD will arrange housing loans?

Yes. AMD will arrange housing loans.

What is the eligibility of housing loans?

Your income proof is eligilibility to getting housing loans.

What percentage of the housing loan is arranged for the total cost the flat?

From 80% to 85% of the housing loan is arranged in the total cost of the flat.

What are the proof of the identity needed?

Election card, PAN card, Passport size Color photo, passport, NRI and NRO bank account, Copy of last 3 years income tax returns Rental income agreement for existing house if any, bank statement, credit card statement, Employee hard copy.

Is co-applicant allowed for housing loan?

Yes. Co-Applicant allowed for housing loans.

How many years housing loan is extended?

From 5 to 20 (maximum) years, the housing loan can be extended.

Whether self employed person get housing loans?

Self employeed person get housing loans from us by showing their IT returns as their proof of income.

Whether a senior citizen get housing loans?

Yes. upto 70 years, the senoir citizen get their housing loans.

In which bank/finance the housing loan will be arranged?

The housing loan will be arranged through Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), State Bank of India (SBI) and LIC HFL

Booking Related


How can one book a flat?

By giving 10% as advance one can book a flat.

How can one get legal opinion?

You can get leagal opinion from reputed consultant.

Payment terms


Initial payment for booking.



At the time of registering Undivided share in land.



On completion of foundation work.



On completion of corresponding roof level.



At the time of starting cement plastering works.



At the time of starting flooring,electrical,plumbing works.



At the time of handing over.


Whether the above payment is fixed one or subject to change?

The above payment term is fixed one.

Is there is any additional cost apart from this payment term?

Yes. There is some additional cost apart from the payment terms.


Stamp duty & Registration fees.


Water supply connection.


3 phase EB Connection.


Assessment charges.


Legal fees for bank loan.


Service tax.





Is buyer change the feature of the project?

Yes. The buyer can change the feature of the project.

Do you undertake extra work of a buyer?

Yes. Based on the requirement and feasibility we can under take the extra work from the buyer.

What is the process of purchase, completion and handing over?

After settlement of all dues, the process of the purchase completed.

Project Related


Do you support the formation of flat owners association of your project?

Yes. we support the formation of flat owners.

When will you hand over the original parent documents and other papers of a project?

After settlement of all dues.

Do you support your project after its completion?

Yes. based on the problem and need we support the project after its completion.

How is your project distinct from others?

Quality construction and time bound delivery these two things distinct us from others.

What is the advantage of your projects?

Affordability and our selected location are advantage of our projects.
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